Package publishing failed Code -2146233079 Error 2148081670

KB 1010: Package publishing failed Code -2146233079 Error 2148081670


The above error occurs while publishing package due to WSUS certificate missing Private key.


Failed to publish package Code -2146233079
Failed to sign in package, error was 2148081670


This error occurs when Private key is missing from the certificate in WSUS store on WSUS server.


1. Login to Software Vulnerability Manager 2018.
2. Navigate to Patching -> WSUS / System Center -> Configure Upstream Server.
3. Go to Step 2 -> Click "Automatically create and install certificate"
4. This will install certificate as shown in the figure.
.WSUS Private Key

Additional Information

You would need to remove / delete the previous certificate from Certificate Store before creating a new one via SVM console.

Author:  Fawad Laiq